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Factoring Company - We are a Factoring Company which is a financial organization that has the ability to buy your receivables from your business in order to give you a large check right away. As a Factoring Compnay, we know how to greatly increase your cash flows. This keeps you, the customer or business, from waiting 30-120 days or even longer to get your money from your clients.

As a Factoring Company that has been in the industry for years we have more than enough experience to help bless your business with proper or healthy cash flows. Don't worry if in the past you've barely had enough money to make payroll on a few occassions...as those days are completely over once you give us a call. With Universal Funding you are going to be blessed with instant money in your bank account the moment that you are ready to send out invoices.

Forget the hasty trips to the bank to get money in there as quickly as possible. With our Factoring program which we can customize and taylor to your specific needs you will definitely feel a positive paradigm shift in your organization. Many of our clients have mentioned that as soon as they called us they felt the load of financial pressure lift from their heads. With all that we can do for you and your business we're sure that you will be calling us thanking you for helping you greatly benefit the cash flow of your business just a few weeks after you initially give us a call.

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With us as your Factoring Company, you will no longer have to wait for payments to come through from your clients after you send out invoices. That is because we do the waiting and we pay you up front for all of your invoices and receivables before you even send them out. Not only that but our fees for funding you this money are so microscopic that you'll probably never even notice them. We are an extremely low-cost factoring company and we're well known for giving some of the best Factoring deals around.

I express gratitude for every single thing you have done.

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Don't wait another minute to use us as your Factoring Company to Factor your invoices so you can receive the money up front (before you even send the invoices out) instead of 120 days or even later if you don't factor. This Factoring Company has been around for years and we are very experienced in saving you money, getting money wired to your bank account quickly and handling all of the paperwork for you. Our customer service team is extremely flexible and is all around helpful. Give us a call today or fill out our Express Application and wait for us to call you in a matter of minutes (on business days).

Companies that discover the value in Factoring their invoices in order to take advantage of the time value of money (i.e., but getting the money up front before they send out the invoices) do a lot better. Imagine getting the money owed to you right now instead of 120 days from now or even longer. Some of your clients may take 6 months to a year to pay. Instead of waiting for that factor now and get your money without the worry of waiting for it to come in.

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